Discovering Dubai Hidden Gem: Big T’s BBQ in Al Quoz 4

Discovering Dubai’s Hidden Gem BBQ – Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 might not scream “Dubai” with its dusty warehouses and bustling lorries. No towering skyscrapers, no golden beaches, and definitely no glitzy lights. But hidden in the maze of concrete and iron of Al Quoz 4 lies a culinary gem that’s shaking up the local food scene: Big T’s BBQ.

Meet Big Tasty and His BBQ Haven

Named after its owner, founder, and head chef, Fadel “Big Tasty” Faour, this Texas-style joint is causing a stir among food enthusiasts. While it might not be open every day, the aroma of its mouthwatering has turned the neighborhood into a foodie’s haven.

Big T’s BBQ has become a pilgrimage for locals and visitors alike. Despite its humble surroundings, the restaurant attracts a devoted following to wait up to an hour just to savor a piece of its famed brisket.

“I’m thrilled that people who appreciate good food have shown interest,” says Fadel, a Palestinian chef who grew up in the UAE Many of his regulars have transformed into friends over shared meals love of barbecue.


The Smoke Show: Big T’s 1,000-Gallon Texan Smoker

What sets Big T’s BBQ apart is its colossal 1,000-gallon Texan smoker  the biggest of its kind in the UAE, To bring the authentic flavors of Texas to the heart of Dubai. Fadel goes the extra mile, importing post-oak wood from Texas for that perfect smoky flavor.

I aim to keep it as true to the original Texas barbecue flavor as possible,” explains Fadel. “If you want the real deal, but Texas barbecue, this is the spot.”

Three Days a Week, Infinite Flavor

Big T’s BBQ might keep its doors open for only three days a week. But the experience it offers is nothing short of extraordinary. Fadel’s commitment to authenticity from the choice of wood to the meticulous smoking process. Has turned this unassuming joint into a haven for barbecue aficionados.

Queues and Comradery: The Big T’s Experience

The queues outside Big T’s BBQ are not just a testament. To its popularity but a shared journey for those eagerly awaiting their turn. The anticipation builds as the aroma of slow-cooked meat wafts through the air. “I wanted to bring people together over a meal that feels like home, like a backyard barbecue with friends,” Fadel says.

Texas in Every Bite: A Culinary Journey

Fadel’s dedication to authenticity extends beyond the wood and the smoker. It’s about crafting every bite to the Lone Star state. Each mouthful carries the essence of Texas barbecue making Big T’s BBQ. Destination not just for food but for a culinary journey.

Conclusion: Big T’s BBQ — A Hidden Treasure in Al Quoz 4

BBQ stands as a testament to the unexpected surprises Dubai has to offer. Fadel’s passion for Texas-style barbecue has transformed a nondescript corner into a must-visit for those seeking a genuine culinary adventure. So, if you find yourself in Al Quoz 4, follow the aroma, join the queue, and get ready to experience Texas barbecue like never before at Big T’s BBQ.