Chillin’ at Bali Satay House in London: A Rad Restaurant Review

Live Music Vibes

So, I found myself at Bali Satay House in New Barnet on music night. Picture this: a vocal guitar duo jamming out power ballads, from Whitney to Michael Jackson, with a detour into The Girl from Ipanema. The scene’s pretty cool, but the folks next to me, the senior quartet, are like, “Uh-uh, too loud!” They politely complain, the waiter dials down the music, and peace is restored.

Way Out in North London

Now, as a diehard south Londoner, I felt like I went on an epic journey just to get here. We’re talking the far end of the Northern line and a 10-minute walk down a dark suburban road. It’s like a mini adventure, but for good food, I’d travel anywhere.

Into the Bali Vibes

Finally, I roll up to a well-lit joint with white walls decked out in Balinese textiles. The chairs and tables rock the same material, giving off serious vibes. I’m low-key fantasizing about a suit made from this fabric. It’s like disappearing into a lion’s den. Dangly lamps, fake living walls, and some basket-wear hanging around – that’s the scene.

Shoutout to the Reader Who Recommended This Spot

Someone told me Bali Satay House is a match for Supawan Thai in King’s Cross, a family-run joint diving deep into Thai eats. Tonight’s menu throws around familiar words, but the dishes? Not so much. Starting with warm, crispy peanut crackers with lemongrass vibes and a fiery sambal that has my diaphragm doing the hula.

Satay Fiesta

Now, the main event – satay galore. Mackerel satay comes in as spiced fishcakes on sticks, a fun dish for some serious chit-chat. But the chicken satay steals the show. Smoky grilled chunks under a peanut stew blanket, sweet, salty, and rich with caramel tones. It’s the real deal. I’d take a bucket of that sauce home.

Plant-Based Hits

Don’t sleep on the plant-based options. Deep-fried sweetcorn fritters with a touch of Myanmar vibes, served with addictive sambal. A hefty salad of cucumber, green beans, basil, and green aubergine with a thick peanut and coconut milk dressing. Salads as the main act – who knew?

Main Course Adventures

Beef rendang, rich and galangal-heavy, might not have those crispy edges, but the depth is next level. Sea bass fillet, flash-fried, crisp skin, bronzed flesh, in a sweet-sour sauce – a true party on the plate.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Dessert time brings banana fritters with honey – a bit heavy, but the coconut ice-cream saves the day. Now, the real MVPs: sesame-crusted dumplings with sweet potato and brown sugar caramel oozing out. Paired with Indonesian beer, Swedish cider, or some spirits if you’re feeling it.

Live Music Every Thursday – Heads Up!

The second set kicks off, and the 80s tunes are rolling in. Live music, gotta love it, right? Bali Satay House has it every Thursday. Wednesdays? Balinese dancing – sounds like a blast. But honestly, the food and the decor are where the real party’s at.

In a nutshell, Bali Satay House in London’s North is a foodie escapade, a journey worth taking for some seriously good eats. Whether you’re into live tunes or just vibing with Balinese feels, this joint’s got you covered.